14 Types of Dementia

By Team Beller | Alzheimer's

Feb 09


Although dementia strikes 1 of 6 Americans, and 1 of 3 seniors worldwide, the medical condition remains misunderstood. 

Did you know there are 14 dementias?


1. Alzheimer’s disease

Lewy body dementia

2. Dementia with Lewy bodies/DLB

3. Parkinson’s disease dementia/PDD

Vascular dementia

4. Buerger’s disease

5. Intestinal ischemic syndrome

6. Peripheral artery disease

7. Popliteal entrapment syndrome

8. Raynaud’s phenomenon

9. Renal artery disease

Other Dementias

10. Normal pressure hydrocephalus

11. Frontotemporal dementia

12. Creutzfeldt-Jacob

13. Wernicke-Korsakoff

14. Huntington’s disease

 15. Mixed dementia

 *People often develop multiple dementias.

The 14 types take many paths to reach dementia, not a disease but a medical condition. Often referred to as the "old folks disease," some forms attack children, young adults, the middle age people—those in the prime of their lives.