You might have heard there are seven Alzheimer's stages, but four stages and seven substages is more precise. 

Alzheimer's Stages

Stage 1: Preclinical Alzheimer's

Substage 1

No symptoms.

Substage 2

Minor symptoms. Others have not noticed. The person exhibiting the symptoms might shrug it off and attribute the problem to aging or other factors. 

Substage 3

Symptoms grow enough for the person to notice, and those around them might have noticed memory or behavior issues, although not enough to suspect Alzheimer's.

Stage 2: Early Stage Alzheimer's

Substage 4

Symptoms remain mild, but more prevalent and noticeable. It is crucial to see a competent doctor by this point.

Stage 3: Middle Stage Alzheimer's

Substage 5

Memory, behavior, and other symptoms grow worse. 

Substage 6

Everything is downhill at this point. Severe cognitive decline makes doing anything for self almost impossible. 

Stage 4: Late Stage Alzheimer's 

Substage 7 

This is the final stage and symptoms debilitate the loved one at this point. This is the final journey.What remains of mind and body slip until organs shut down. One often dies from complications such as pneumonia or cardio arrest.

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