Feb 07

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

By Team Beller | Alzheimer's , dementia

People refer to Alzheimer’s as the “old folk’s disease,” but it also attacks adults in their prime and, in rare cases, strikes people in their twenties or thirties. Alzheimer’s remains unknown or misunderstood by too many people, including health officials. WHAT IS ALZHEIMER’S? Alzheimer’s develops when protein tangles and plaque deposits build in the brain, destroy […]

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Feb 06

What is Dementia?

By Team Beller | dementia

Dementia strikes 1 of 6 Americans, and 1 of 3 seniors worldwide, but one of the most frequent questions: “What is dementia?” Dementia is not a disease but a medical disorder defined by cognitive decline, impaired thinking, and memory loss. People experience dramatic personality changes, emotional outbursts, and declining organizational skills. Some dementia versions attack language skills. […]

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