With no cure, are there ways to prevent or slow Alzheimer's? If we review the list of Alzheimer's risk factors, and focus on the ones we control, we can alter our lifestyles to reduce our risks.

If somebody already has Alzheimer's, there is no known way to reverse the disease, but the same recipe to prevent Alzheimer's helps slow the progression. 

10-Point Plan to Prevent or Slow Alzheimers

  1. Avoid head injuries.
  2. Avoid or reverse high blood pressure.
  3. Exercise thy brain.
  4. Raise good (HLD) and lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.
  5. Eat a balanced whole food diet.
  6. Exercise!
  7. Get regular quality sleep.
  8. Positive socialization.
  9. Avoid diabetes type-2 and high blood sugar.
  10. Maintain weight. 

This science-backed plan provides each of us the best proven steps to minimize or risks or slow Alzheimer's. To learn more, please refer to 

Alzheimer's Disease Series, books 1-6